Our Startups

FastForward Accelerator
Bambinotes Palestinian startup


Bambinotes is a subscription based, Multi-language online platform, which offers the simplest way to communicate between pre-schools, kindergartens, and parents. Our mission is to enable the effortless transfer of information between preschools and parents. We want to help our clients provide unrivaled service to parents, by keeping them involved with their children’s development.



Kenz is an online store selling lingerie for the Middle East, carrying the latest styles from international brands, delivered to customer’s doorstep. www.kenzwoman.com



ArabiAuto.com is a website for cars, all you need to know about cars and the process following the purchase procedure. Through Arabiauto you can connect through your bank accounts, buy the car you picked online and contact an insurance company.



Worknizer is a website that provides a space to organize files, notes, links and To-Do-lists on one platform. Available for use in a fast, easy, and secure way. www.worknizer.com



Tasameem is an online marketplace specialized in invitations’ designs. Through the website Graphic Designers can upload their designs, and customer can choose or customize their own invitations. www.tasameem.me



Wirez is a video marketplace that allows media publisher to discover new talent and hidden stories. www.wirez.co



hiWorx is an online financial management platform that helps small businesses monitor and plan their cashflows quickly and easily.


Red Crow

Red Crow is an online platform that delivers security intelligence regarding the MENA region. It is a customized, detailed and effective intelligence platform that ensures business continuity and personal safety. www.redcrow.co



BareedEE helps find local businesses to receive packages. To help promote this services, we provide an online assisted purchase service. www.bareedee.co



Daleeli is a dynamic tourist guide that uses GPS-technology. The app tracks the location and provides a guide of nearby entities and social-venues, through using crowd-sourced and online content. The app further provides an Instagram-like social network, for enhanced engagement and outreach. www.daleeli.me



Indiepush is a company that gives independent singers and musicians worldwide a method to distribute their music through their fans, while giving the fans the chance to both have fun and be rewarded for doing so, all through one online platform. www.indiepush.com



Feekash is a cash payment network that enables online merchants to accept cash from their customers. It is an easy payment method that permits unbanked customers to pay for online goods with cash through a secure and convenient network of nearby locations.

Feekash aspires to bridge the gap between online commerce and offline payments to create healthy market dynamics for the unbanked majority in the Middle East.




Sufraty is a social network for food and recipe sharing. The website allows users to post photos and recipes for their followers and friends to like and share.

Professional chefs have pages and profiles with which users can interact. What differentiates Sufraty from their competitors is its mobile app, as well as its simplicity, social network connections and interactivity.




SeenLab is an online community and platform that connects tutors with pupils. The platform will work by connecting verified tutors with knowledge seekers in interactive online sessions. The team is initially focusing on cultivating a network of tutors in music and computer programming. Once they saturate these two niches, they will expand the platform to include other skills. SeenLab will initially focus on Arabic content for the MENA region aimed at improving access to knowledge and ease of its transfer. www.seenlab.com



Fadfid is an online platform for Arabic speakers who seek therapy or just want to talk with professionals and credible therapists who listen, care and advise through series of private sessions or topical group sessions.

Fadfid has a directory of therapists from different countries and specializations that clients can access online, in the comfort of their home and without judgment.




Zoorna is an online travel recommendations and trip-planning platform that caters to the tourists who wish to visit the MENA region. Through socially generated, crowd-sourced recommendations, and travel plans, Zoorna aims to provide trusted reviews and recommendations for touristic attractions and various services related to tourism in the MENA region.

Zoorna also provides tailor-designed travel plans in accordance with the users’ preferences, budgets and timelines with the help and aid of local tour guides. The mobile app tour journal enables tourists to record their journeys in the form of stories that they can share with their friends through various social networks.




eJameya is an electronic company for financial solutions, that was founded in 2013. The company’s objective is to introduce a unique 21st century Social Financial Platform catered for Islamic Banking and Financial Services. The system is based on the idea of “Jam’eya” scientifically referred to as ROSCA. The company aims to transfer the archaic “Jam’eya” concept into e-Jameya: A social online  financial  platform to explore one’s personal social connections in order to raise halal (faithfully approved) loans from a personal social network. The company raised the pre-seed fund from institution investors.